who am i.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah, I'm a 20 year old blogger and a self confessed lover of life.

Welcome to my website.

I initially began blogging on instagram a few years back. It was a great source of motivation for me, however, my motives for starting that blog were not as positives as my motives for rebooting this one today.

In my teens, I suffered with an eating disorder; bulimia. Like too many, I fell foul hugely to the media industry and as a result, four years of my precious life were blighted by a mental illness. I will never be thankful for that. But as with any situation, I noticed my capacity for change. From the pit of despair that I found myself in, I decided to give my life an overhaul. To pull myself out of that nightmare, and hopefully help fellow sufferers out of the woods in the process too. I blogged about my days of elation and also about my days of lost hope and pity. My honesty has been my strength though, and over a year later, I can happily say that I've recovered. My instagram has received marginal success, and my more detailed blog has reportedly saved lives. How lucky am I. 

Today, I've decided to slowly wave goodbye to the food blogging and recovery world. Whilst it's been amazing and lots of fun, it's not who I am anymore. I am an adventurer, a traveller, and most importantly, I have regained my passion for life. I am now pursuing a career in self employment. I will be working with one of my closest friends Heather Adamson in the creation and expansion of fresheather.  We are specialising in the creation of short-format video and photographic content for social media and hope to share our expertise with brands that we believe in.

Whilst our business adventures will hopefully pay the rent, my true passion is travel. Therefore any of our free time will be spent travelling the world and exploring places on our bucket list!